Tim Miller

Visiting Assistant Professor

Digital Media & Design

Tim Miller is a Visiting Assistant Professor in the Department of Digital Media & Design, and Director of the Miller Lab. Tim’s primary research interest is how the tools and techniques of the traditional and digital arts can be leveraged to enrich or enhance the scientific enterprise. This work has three main thrusts. The first is “science art,” projects that are works of art, but are in some way inspired by or inspiring to the sciences. The second is the art of the communication, how traditional arts concepts can improve scientific communication between and among scientists, and the last is data representation, how we can use the arts to help create visual, aural, tactile, or other representations of data.

Tim is currently co-P.I. of “Science of Learning and the Art of Communication,” an NSF Research Traineeship program at UConn. His role in that project is to integrate work in the arts to the creation of a new interdisciplinary graduate program.

Tim’s resume includes posts at the Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, the Boston Museum of Science, and the Entertainment Technology Center at the University of Southern California. He has appeared as a guest lecturer on the topic of science communication at universities from coast to coast, and has been a consultant to the National Science Foundation. Most recently, Tim is the author of Muse of Fire: Storytelling & The Art of Science Communication. Tim holds an A.B. in Physics and an M.S. in Engineering Sciences from Dartmouth College.

You can view his full CV here.

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